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Mosconi Cup 2021

This annual 9 Ball Pool tournament is a traditional and prestigious rivalry between the team USA and team Europe. Since 1994 these two continents have faced one another with talent, courage, passion, professionalism, and excitement. Disclaimer: Affiliate links help us produce good content. Learn more.

How To Watch Mosconi cup 2021 Live Stream

There is one of the events in nine balls just getting bigger and better. Heroes and villains have emerged as custom characters that would fill in the hall of fame. Legends are here for their reputations while some of the world’s greatest players are rising and falling with the tide of fortune, the Mosconi Cup

This annual 9 Ball Pool tournament is a traditional and prestigious rivalry between the team USA and team Europe. Since 1994 these two continents have faced one another with talent, courage, passion, professionalism, and excitement.

The Mosconi Cup 2020  was primarily scheduled to the Alexandra Palace,  London. But because of the covid-19, it had to be moved to The Ricoh Arena in Coventry with the whole event.  The whole competition was so exciting and outstanding that everybody over there will remember the excitement for a long time. After a series of twists and unbelievable moments, Team Europe won the Crown in 2020 after two years in American hands.

In the year 2021,  the Mosconi Cup is returning to Alexandra Palace, London where the fans once again roar their sides in the most prestigious event of the pool year.

This article will give you the full details of the  Mosconi cup 2021 that is,  the short history of the Mosconi Cup, Location, and most importantly ‘how to watch Mosconi Cup 2021 live stream’ in various ways. 

Comparative Statistics of last 10 years Mosconi Cup:  

YearVenueWinnerScoreMost valuable player
2011Las Vegas Nevada USAEurope11-7Neils Feijen 
2012Bethnal Green London England Europe11-9Chris Melling
2013Las Vegas Nevada USAEurope11-2Neils Feijen 
2014Tower Circus Blackpool EnglandEurope11-5Neils Feijen 
2015Las Vegas Nevada USAEurope11-7Neils Feijen 
2016Alexandra Palace London EnglandEurope11-3Albin Oushchan
2017Las Vegas Nevada USAEurope11-4Joshua Filler
2018Alexandra Palace London EnglandUSA11-9Skylar Woodward 
2019Las Vegas Nevada USAUSA11-8Skylar Woodward
2020Ricoh Arena Coventry England  Europe 11-3Jayson shaw 
 Mosconi cup 2021 live

Abstract of The Mosconi cup 2021

Date:7-10 December, 2021
Location:Alexandra Palace, London
Event start time 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. PT 
Official broadcaster: Sky Sports
Prize money $225,000. 
Winners $30,000 per player and runners-up $15000 per player

How to watch Mosconi Cup 2021 live from the USA,  Germany,  Austria, Canada, Brazil,  Switzerland, Spain,  Italy, Japan:

Worldwide there are thousands of fans of the Mosconi cup who wants to experience The most thrilling nine-ball pool tournament of the year. Although Sky Sports is the official broadcaster in the UK, DAZN Plays a significant role by telecasting the live performance for the fans of the above nations.

A monthly subscription of just $1.99 will be charged from the fans. Not just the Mosconi cup  2021  but also a lot more sports events can be available within the subscription.


For Russian fans Match TV will telecast the whole tournament of the Mosconi Cup 2021. For the viewers who want to avoid cable networks or satellite channels, the Match TV app is also available.  after downloading this app anybody can watch the greatest 9 Ball Pool tournament by using their laptops,  macOS,  tablets, and other gaming devices.

Croatia, Montenegro, Slovenia,  Bosnia, North Macedonia, Kosovo, and Luxembourg

The Mosconi cup 2021  is a favorite for the fans of  Montenegro,  Croatia,  Slovenia,  North Macedonia,  Kosovo, and Luxembourg.  for them  Sportclub Makes the arrangement enjoy the pool tournament. Undoubtedly since 1994, the Mosconi cup Gives the same amount of joy and pleasure to the fans of this region also.

South Africa and sub-Saharan Africa

Supersport will broadcast all the exciting moments of the mosconi cup 2021 live from Alexandra Palace, London for the spectators of  South African and sub-Saharan Africa. The online version of this satellite Sports channel is also available for those who want to enjoy by using their laptops,  computers,  tablets, and other devices.

Few more countries and broadcasting TV channels: 

Netherlands Ziggo
Scandinavia Viasat
Hungary Prago Sport
China Zhibo.Tv
New Zealand Sky
Australia Fox Sports

The fans of the Mosconi cup beyond the list provided above, should a stream to enjoy the tournament. 

How to watch the mosconi cup 2021 live using VPN?

Undoubtedly people are so busy nowadays and this is very so tough to make a 3 Day schedule for everybody.  Apart from this always satellite channels and cable networks are not comfortable.  Moreover, there are some people who feel much more relaxed in watching anything on their laptops,  computers,  tablets, and other devices.  for those fans, VPN is highly recommended. It does not matter where you are and what are you doing on that particular point of time. The specialty of  VPN  service is,  it will help you to hide the IP address you are using. and as you can unblock your location and you can choose the preferred location. The widely used VPN  services are:

We recommend you to go to ExpressVpn to watch the Mosconi cup 2021.  Because it is highly secured and very much flexible for three years.  You can cancel your subscription at any time you want.  

If you want to enjoy the  most thrilling  9 Ball Pool tournament using expressvpn from 7th to 10th December 2021,  you just need to follow the following steps

Step 1

Download the app from the official site of expressvpn. You need to have your ID for download.

Step 2

Install the software on your device. Make sure you have chosen the right version for your device.

Step 3

Sign up and create your account for further access.

Step 4

Set up your preferred location

  Step 5

Finally run a video using your  ExpressVPN ID.  we strongly recommend you to complete the whole process quite earlier than the main event.  Because there are some unwanted reasons for which you may be in trouble to complete the process. So to avoid the hassle at the last moment he should be prepare by doing this. Please clear your browser cookies for a smooth and satisfying performance.

Nord VPN is also very effective in this regard.  it is a high-quality and cost-effective VPN service. There are some users who  Express their positive reviews to use Ipvanish. It is comparatively expensive but highly secured.  the one,  who is very much conscious about cyber security,  Ipvanish is just for you.

Above everything, According to the users of different countries of the world, expressvpn is the most trusted and efficient VPN service. It works on various numbers of platforms like  Mac iOS, Windows, Android, etc. expressvpn has no area restriction, provides the fastest services and you will have a 30-day money-back guarantee.

How to stream Mosconi Cup 2021  on social media?

 Mosconi cup 2021 live stream

Cable or satellite television channels are sometimes inconvenient for some audiences. Moreover, there are various comfortable and highly reliable social media platforms where are you can watch the Mosconi cup 2021. Day by day  the use of these social media platforms are increasing on the other hand satellite channels are decreasing.  the most renowned and widely used social media platforms are :


From December 7 to 10, 2021 the fans of all over the world will enjoy the muscular cup via different media. If you stay connected in your Facebook account and search the Mosconi cup 2021,  hopefully, you’ll have live streaming shared by your friends.  Moreover, there is a special Facebook group which is created for broadcasting the mosconi cup 2021.


This is the largest site for upload videos. There is no such content that is not available on YouTube.  so if you search the Mosconi cup 2021 on YouTube after a couple of hours of the live telecast,  there is a high possibility to have the videos according to the requirement.


If you stay connected with your Twitter account, I believe you will have some of your friends who shared the videos of the  Mosconi  Cup 2021.  so please keep browsing your Twitter account at that particular point in time.


This is another social media platform that is highly reliable to have high-quality videos.  so login to account and keep searching the Mosconi cup 2021 from 7th to 10th December 2021.

Frequently asked questions:

Team Europe won the Mosconi Cup 2020.

Both USA and team Europe have won 13  Mosconi Cup titles.

They always play on a 9-foot size table. This is actually the American size.

Final words

This is an annual Rivalry between the players of the USA and Europe using 9 balls. Since 1994,   the Mosconi Cup is becoming one of the highly competitive tournaments between them. This is not just a matter of playing pool this is something beyond this.  This attitude between the players of two teams,  make the tournament more perfect and more attractive to everybody. 

In this article,  we have tried our level best to describe various ways to watch the Mosconi cup 2021.  from the alternatives,  you can choose the best one for you. Please keep browsing our website for further information provided by the tournament organizing authority.  wish you will have an attractive and it highly  Mosconi cup.

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